A bad hair day for Employment Equity

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It is open season for Employment Equity.

Manual Employment Equity Reports are due at the end of October.

Some might ask why we are still bothering with this stuff in 2020. Surely, affirmative action should have gone out with the ark? Indeed, it should have, but it hasn’t, because racism and the bias it causes in our decision making and interactions is still alive and well.

Just ask Clicks.

How is it possible that today, after all we have been through, someone in this country can describe a certain type of hair as ‘normal’. What on earth is ‘normal’ in any context?

What is ‘normal’ when it comes to employment?

There is no such thing as normal. Covid-19 should have taught us that. Each of us approaches problems and opportunities from a different perspective. Trying to get everyone to conform is counterproductive. Embrace your differences. Within your diversity lies your competitive edge.

Remember that the customer experience is what matters, and how they feel about their experience with your organisation or your product is what will chase them away or bring them back with their friends. So, ask your team how they feel about the new product, advert or idea.

Analysis is important, but go for emotions: How did you feel when you read this, tried that or heard what we were doing?

For example, I usually ask my wife to read over articles I write. Then I have someone to blame if any errors slip through. (Just kidding!) Occasionally, Jen will tell me that a passage or phrase doesn’t sit well. Analysis tells me the passage is grammatically perfect. But Jen’s emotional response tells me people will not engage and act on the writing. I have to find a different way of putting it.


Of course, when it comes to Employment Equity requirements, we do have to conform and comply.

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