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Entrepreneurs and lazy thinking

17 November 2012

I have heard it said by a CEO, as an excuse for his own attitude, that great entrepreneurs are lousy with people.  Steve Jobs comes to mind, and his name is often used by those who wish to justify their own disinterest in people management skills.  The reality is that such comments represent lazy thinking.…


How to Make Employee Engagement Work

11 November 2012

Managers assume that employees know what the company wants to achieve, what their role is, and why it’s important. They usually don’t.


Welcome to Simply Communicate

27 October 2012

Welcome to Simply Communicate. I started Simply Communicate with the aim of simply helping people communicate.  By that I mean, helping them communicate the message they intended to communicate.  Because, whether we like or not, we all communicate, all of the time.  Even silence speaks volumes, as when a wife asks her husband, “Do I…