Simply Communicate workshops

2020: Ready, steady, GO

By Ian Webster / 13 January 2020 /

What do you want from your employees in 2020? My guess is engagement: acting with skill, commitment and confidence. It won’t just happen. Employees respond to your lead. Offer employees training to encourage their engagement with the business and with your customers. Will training help? Training provides employees with skills, but training also improves their…

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A Managing Change workshop for your organisation

By Ian Webster / 15 July 2019 /

Next week at the Pietermaritzburg Chamber of Business Book now. Don’t miss out.  

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Letter of thanks

By Webmaster / 1 February 2019 /

Our website is currently undergoing a much needed update, thank you for your patience.

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Changing how change happens

By Ian Webster / 25 October 2018 /

Change is constant they say. We often assume employees realise this and should be ready for any changes thrown at them. But employees are not averse to change itself but to how change affects them on a personal, every-day level: changing my lunch hour, not being able to get stationery. We think resistance to change…

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Be Kind: Who Would Have Thought?

By Ian Webster / 3 April 2017 /

Prince George of Great Britain will, in September, start at a school whose most important rule is ‘be kind’. What about your business?

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