MacDonald’s teeth and the limbic lag: Rewiring an employee’s brain

By Ian Webster / 15 December 2020 /

Habits don’t change because we say they must (ask MacDonald’s). Brains must be rewired. Engage your employees’ limbic systems and literally change their minds

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Your team needs you: Encouraging the ‘work at homes’

By Ian Webster / 28 July 2020 /

We each have our own challenges. And personal and work are much more intertwined than at the office. What are you doing to engage your team?

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Three skills to negotiate change in a Covid-19 world

By Ian Webster / 29 June 2020 /

Successful change requires changing human behaviour not just systems. Explore three skills that encourage changes in behaviour and will make your changes stick

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Two foundations to secure during change

By Ian Webster / 10 October 2019 /

When change happens, make sure you secure the foundations of relationships and communication.

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