Success and failure: Lessons from a four-year-old

By Ian Webster / 3 February 2021 /

‘What you accomplish will never matter so much as where you fail.’
Focussing on failure demotivates and discourages. Celebrate small wins as they occur

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Lessons from a cash-in-transit heist

By Ian Webster / 20 January 2021 /

Zimbabwe’s cash-in-transit driver picked up 6 passengers! Guess what happened next. Having rules and talking about rules are very different things.

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Truth and Lies: It’s empathy that communicates

By Ian Webster / 17 November 2020 /

How can the president of one of the most powerful nations on earth tell some 20,000 lies and still grow his support? Three questions to engage your team

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Three questions to help your team become more productive

By Ian Webster / 10 November 2020 /

Productivity is not an accident; it emerges from a commitment to planning and effort. Here are three questions to help engage your team on the journey

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Employment contracts: Welcome don’t overwhelm

By Ian Webster / 3 November 2020 /

Our detailed, legalistic contracts suggest we don’t trust you, and you probably shouldn’t trust us. Learn to write contracts that welcome new employees

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Is it Spring in your business? Celebrating small victories

By Ian Webster / 6 October 2020 /

This side of Covid-19, the pressure is on to perform. But pressure cannot be maintained forever. Stop to celebrate small victories with your team

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Retrenchment in a time of crisis: It’s all about relationships

By Ian Webster / 21 August 2020 /

Isn’t retrenchment complicated and time-consuming? Yes, it takes time, but it’s not complicated. Make communication part of your organisation’s DNA

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Three steps towards managing remote performance

By Ian Webster / 12 August 2020 /

Managing performance is as important as ever, just much more difficult. Three steps to keep staff motivated and get the results you need.

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Three skills to negotiate change in a Covid-19 world

By Ian Webster / 29 June 2020 /

Successful change requires changing human behaviour not just systems. Explore three skills that encourage changes in behaviour and will make your changes stick

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Playing fair: Two rules for returning employees

By Ian Webster / 28 April 2020 /

Having only a third of your workforce back at a time will take some creative planning, but labour-law principles still apply. Here are two fundamentals

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