Customer Service

Getting beyond service to customer satisfaction: A workshop

By Ian Webster / 28 April 2021 /

Beyond Service to Customer satisfaction. Service is what we do. Satisfaction is what the customer experiences. Learning to make the difference

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Washing windows for better customer experience

By Ian Webster / 20 May 2020 /

How do your customers see you (can they)? Do your windows (access points) attract visitors and encourage interaction?
And how do your staff view the world?

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Customer service and bedside manners: Who cares?

By Ian Webster / 9 September 2019 /

Hospitals are judged by the bedside manner of their doctors. Our products and expertise need great service, otherwise customers and patients will leave

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Customer Service Workshop

Customer Service Workshop

By Ian Webster / 20 March 2019 /

A Simply Communicate Customer Service workshop at the PMB Chamber of Buisness. Empower your employees to focus on what matters every day for each customer.

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Mistakes well handled

By Ian Webster / 23 November 2018 /

People talk about our mistakes, and especially about how we made them feel. Hire people who will make your customers feel great, even after mistakes are made

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Getting it right: A hospital experience

By Ian Webster / 8 November 2018 /

We can’t force employees to go the extra mile; we have to create an environment that makes them want to. If we don’t, they won’t shine and nor will our business

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Hospitals: Patient or Customer?

By Ian Webster / 24 October 2018 /

In hospitals, customers are disguised as patients, and customer service might slip.
The rest of us have no such excuse. What are you doing to provide better than normal service?

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Cheerleaders:  A business imperative

By Ian Webster / 28 May 2018 /

What matters in your business? We know what we DON’T want; we know what employees are NOT supposed to do. But, how much time do we spend discussing, reaffirming and encouraging the behaviours we DO want to see. In her grade one class, my wife spends less time criticising errors and transgressions, and more time…

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Finding Your Customer in all the Noise: Four Questions

By Ian Webster / 15 April 2017 /

I was in Pavilion’s Exclusive Books Cafe recently (before it suddenly and unceremoniously closed down). I found myself looking out into the very busy passageway watching what seemed like hundreds of people walking, sauntering or rushing past. Some were alone, some in a group, others were with family or a special friend. Some were very…

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Business lessons from a three-year-old

By Ian Webster / 1 September 2015 /

Simply Communicate is three! What a privilege it has been to do what I love these past three years and to share my passion. I have met some wonderful people, sat in a host of delightful coffee shops around KZN and drunk barrels of coffee. I have been privileged to journey with a variety of businesses and people…

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