Labour law

Employment Equity training and reporting – get help today

By Ian Webster / 14 September 2021 /

Employment Equity Reports are due, and the Department’s website is open for submission. Are you and your Employment Equity Committee trained and ready?

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Handling difficult employees: A step-by-step guide

By Ian Webster / 30 September 2020 /

A step-by-step guide to turning difficult employees around (or dismissing them)

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A bad hair day for Employment Equity

By Ian Webster / 15 September 2020 /

There is no normal in employment. Embrace your differences. Within your diversity lies your competitive edge

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Employment Equity: Why? Why not? How?

By Ian Webster / 11 September 2020 /

Employment Equity and diversity make business sense. They succeed or fail because of the hiring/training/promoting decisions managers make every day

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Retrenchment in a time of crisis: It’s all about relationships

By Ian Webster / 21 August 2020 /

Isn’t retrenchment complicated and time-consuming? Yes, it takes time, but it’s not complicated. Make communication part of your organisation’s DNA

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Playing fair: Two rules for returning employees

By Ian Webster / 28 April 2020 /

Having only a third of your workforce back at a time will take some creative planning, but labour-law principles still apply. Here are two fundamentals

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Employee contracts and Covid-19: Three ideas

By Ian Webster / 1 April 2020 /

Not having employee contracts complicates Covid-19 decisions. Three things to think about

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Parental Leave: A New Year gift from DoL

By Ian Webster / 3 January 2020 /

The parental-leave provisions of the amended Basic Conditions of Employment Act have been implemented. Effective 1 January 2020

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Home Affairs Cell Phone screenshot

Cell phones and front-line staff: What can be done?

By Ian Webster / 16 February 2019 /

What policies will improve service in your organisation (including use of cellphones), explain to staff, and explain why they matter, then implement.

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Public holidays 2019 and your business

By Ian Webster / 29 January 2019 /

Be aware of how the 2019 public holidays will affect your business

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