A hole or a door? How do you see what is in front of you?

By Ian Webster / 15 July 2021 /

Is it a hole or or a door. Whether we are talking about the vaccine or our business, it is up to us how we see it. We are going through the door. Will you join us?

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Three steps for managing stress in chaos and uncertainty

By Ian Webster / 21 July 2020 /

Three things managers can do to relieve stress and empower employees in times of chaos and uncertainty. A video for you and your management team.

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Innovation within restrictions: Thinking inside the box

By Ian Webster / 7 April 2020 /

If we only focus on restrictions, we will not innovate. Release creativity by thinking INSIDE the box. Let restrictions guide you to a new ‘how’

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‘Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff’: Life is too important

By Ian Webster / 15 January 2018 /

My wife and I have been reading Richard Carlson’s Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff. It sounds easy: identify the small stuff in your life and let go. But, no. The real challenge is the subtitle: … And It’s All Small Stuff. According to Carlson, everything is ‘small stuff’: our ‘in basket’; our to-do list; waiting…

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Take Two in the Morning Before You Wake Up

By Ian Webster / 29 March 2016 /

Instantaneous response; that’s what we have come to expect today. If Google takes more than a second to return its search results, we want to throw our computer out the window. And heaven help the car in front of us if they fail to respond to the changed traffic light before it happens. A friend…

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Abnormal: A sign for our times

By Ian Webster / 3 February 2016 /

Imagine having to drive around with an ‘ABNORMAL’ sign stuck behind you. No doubt you can think of other drivers who ought to have such signs on their cars or taxis. I suspect that a lot of us walk around feeling as if we have an ‘Abnormal’ sign on our backs; that everyone around us…

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Adding Value To Raw Materials and To Life

By Ian Webster / 20 April 2015 /

I enjoyed ‘breakfast with Blade’ recently. The Minister of Education and Training, Dr Blade Nzimande, and the FP&M SETA teamed up to engage with stakeholders in the sector. Dr Nzimande expressed concern, among other things, about how South Africa’s raw materials leave the country to be manufactured and then sold back to us. He mentioned…

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Sharing the love: Going the extra mile

By Ian Webster / 23 April 2014 /

I was invited to run a workshop on presentation skills at the Maritime School of Excellence (MSE) in Durban last week. The prospect was pleasing, but the location was a nightmare, and I had less than 24 hours’ notice. The MSE is on one of the scariest and longest roads in Durban: Bayhead Road. It…

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Nelson Mandela: his choices, our future

By Ian Webster / 27 June 2013 /

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela — an Icon, our hero. We will be eternally grateful for the choices Madiba made in his life. As with all of us, some of those choices would have been regretted, some would be questionable, some would be just plain wrong. But the choices that shaped his life, and ultimately shaped this…

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