In the midst of chaos, it’s people who matter

By Ian Webster / 21 July 2021 /

After the chaos, people gathered and started to clean up the mess. Hope for communities and organisations lies in the people around us. Go talk with your team.

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Lies, damn lies and little lies: who are you hiring?

By Ian Webster / 19 April 2021 /

The success or failure of every business plan depends on the individuals you hire, from top to most junior. Focus on personal qualities, hire after hire

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Innovation within restrictions: Thinking inside the box

By Ian Webster / 7 April 2020 /

If we only focus on restrictions, we will not innovate. Release creativity by thinking INSIDE the box. Let restrictions guide you to a new ‘how’

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Do you Christmas? Religious festivals and the workplace

By Ian Webster / 24 December 2019 /

Our many religious festivals are signs of our differences. When we celebrate our differences, we learn to engage with new ideas and our customers notice

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Christmas pain and power — A poem

By Ian Webster / 18 December 2019 /

The real Christmas gift, the heart of the story ….

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‘Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff’: Life is too important

By Ian Webster / 15 January 2018 /

My wife and I have been reading Richard Carlson’s Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff. It sounds easy: identify the small stuff in your life and let go. But, no. The real challenge is the subtitle: … And It’s All Small Stuff. According to Carlson, everything is ‘small stuff’: our ‘in basket’; our to-do list; waiting…

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Violence: Three Steps to a Healthier World

By Ian Webster / 11 January 2018 /

The 16 days of activism against women-and-children abuse is an important call to stop the violence, but it is rather like trying to improve Matric results without starting in grade one. Violence against women and children doesn’t start there.  Only the lunatic fringe goes out to beat-up a woman or a child. It starts with…

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Racist Rants: Six Rules for the Workplace

By Ian Webster / 13 June 2017 /

A Pietermaritzburg Girls’ High School learner ranted on WhatsApp recently, using the K-word against her fellow learners. What was she thinking? Did she learn nothing from Penny Sparrow? However, this article is not about the young woman’s foolishness, parental responsibility or how the school is handling it. We are discussing racism in the workplace, and…

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The Future of Your Business, One Hire at a Time

By Ian Webster / 30 January 2017 /

Are you hiring? What are some of the questions you ask yourself before hiring starts? If you are like most of us, they will include: What’s the job? Who was in the job before? What skills and experience do we need? Where’s the previous ad? Let me suggest some others that should be asked and…

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Mandela Day 2016: An Inspiration for the Year Ahead

By Ian Webster / 18 July 2016 /

Varsity College students were on the streets this morning collecting for the SPCA. Coffeeberry provided coffee for workers who are working on the wetlands/river system in the area. I spent time at Shuter and Shooter participating in their Mandela Day activities, which this year involved some introspection and the singing of the National Anthem –…

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