Cheerleaders:  A business imperative

By Ian Webster / 28 May 2018 /

What matters in your business? We know what we DON’T want; we know what employees are NOT supposed to do. But, how much time do we spend discussing, reaffirming and encouraging the behaviours we DO want to see. In her grade one class, my wife spends less time criticising errors and transgressions, and more time…

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Finding Your Customer in all the Noise: Four Questions

By Ian Webster / 15 April 2017 /

I was in Pavilion’s Exclusive Books Cafe recently (before it suddenly and unceremoniously closed down). I found myself looking out into the very busy passageway watching what seemed like hundreds of people walking, sauntering or rushing past. Some were alone, some in a group, others were with family or a special friend. Some were very…

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Fake Churches and Fake Brands

By Ian Webster / 14 March 2016 /

An article in The Witness of 20 February 2016 referred to a woman who had apparently created a fake church on Facebook, complete with pictures of her ministry team (apparently pictures scammed from the web of people completely unrelated and unconnected). It appears that the same woman created a false persona a few years ago…

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Make yourself heard: four questions for effective marketing

By Ian Webster / 5 January 2015 /

A recent Dilbert cartoon had Dilbert speaking to a marketing guy. He says, ‘engineers designed and built every important part of modern civilisation’ and all marketers do is misrepresent it. Naturally, the marketer says you need both, while Dilbert, of course, demurs. Dilbert clearly believes the old adage: ‘Build a better mousetrap and the world will…

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