People Management

Two Things to Establish at a Disciplinary Enquiry

By Ian Webster / 16 November 2017 /

You have done your investigation (see ‘Seven Questions You Need to Ask Before a Disciplinary Enquiry’), collected the evidence, written out the allegations and issued the Notice of Enquiry. Now we just wait for the enquiry to happen, don’t we? Not quite. There are two things you will have to establish for the chairperson, or…

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Two of the biggest mistakes made when firing employees

By Ian Webster / 6 July 2017 /

The following is an article I contributed to Formfactory, who asked various experts in labour relations and labour law, “What are the biggest mistakes employers make when firing employees?” Please add your ideas to the conversation below. Since employers lose some 60% of cases referred to the CCMA, serious mistakes are being made. Two of…

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Verbal, Written and Final Warnings: The How and the When

By Ian Webster / 20 June 2017 /

Written warnings, final written warnings, verbal warnings (or ‘written verbal warnings’, whatever that might be) – how and when do you issue them and what do you do once you have issued them? The Labour Relations Act (LRA), Code of Good Practice: Dismissal (the Code) encourages ‘corrective or progressive discipline’ and states: ‘Efforts should be…

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Job Hunting 1: The First Rule

By Ian Webster / 12 June 2017 /

What is important to you when you are job hunting? There are many articles that advise us, quite rightly, to look beyond the money and the position, and consider things like job satisfaction and emotional fit in the organisation. Is this where I want to work? Do I want to spend my days with these…

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Seven Questions You Need to Ask Before a Disciplinary Enquiry

By Ian Webster / 6 June 2017 /

One of the problems managers have when it comes to difficult, ineffective, poor-performing employees, is our emotional state. By the time we decide we must act, either because the behaviour has been going on for so long or the incident is so serious, we are really angry and want nothing more than to chase the…

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The Future of Your Business, One Hire at a Time

By Ian Webster / 30 January 2017 /

Are you hiring? What are some of the questions you ask yourself before hiring starts? If you are like most of us, they will include: What’s the job? Who was in the job before? What skills and experience do we need? Where’s the previous ad? Let me suggest some others that should be asked and…

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Sexual Harassment and Other Misconduct: Employer Risk

By Ian Webster / 5 September 2016 /

Employers beware! The appointment and promotion of managers and supervisors is much more risky than you thought. Since no one is a perfect fit, we are used to assessing whether a candidate’s shortcomings can be dealt with through training and coaching. A lack of technical and people-management skills is the risk we know about. But…

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Changing Employee Benefits: Radical Steps Needed

By Ian Webster / 12 August 2016 /

I’m taking a risk here. I’m likely to lose readers on this one either because the advice is so ridiculously obvious you’ll be bored or because it is so radical you’ll disown me. But humour me, please. It’s that important. Unilateral changes Not many of us are brave or foolish enough to go about unilaterally…

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Rugby Coaches and Acting Positions: Three Questions

By Ian Webster / 15 April 2016 /

The ‘secret’ is out. Allister Coetzee has been appointed the new Springbok Rugby coach. Some say it is nine years late, and that he should have been given the job when the ‘poisoned chalice’ passed to the ‘quirky’ Pieter de Villiers. In spite of the delay, Coetzee appears upbeat and ready for the challenges that…

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Is Retirement The End or a New Beginning?

By Ian Webster / 16 March 2016 /

We were blessed to be able to celebrate a 90th birthday this month. My father turned 90 on 3 March 2016. Since my mother is only a couple of years behind him, and both have all their faculties (if not quite all their memory), I am nervous about how long my retirement funds are going to…

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