Lies, damn lies and little lies: who are you hiring?

By Ian Webster / 19 April 2021 /

The success or failure of every business plan depends on the individuals you hire, from top to most junior. Focus on personal qualities, hire after hire

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Hiring doesn’t fill a post; it changes the organisation

By Ian Webster / 26 March 2021 /

It is people who help or hinder teams and organisations. Hiring doesn’t just fill a post; it changes the organisation, making it more (or less) effective

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Bad hiring decisions? Who, me? A free video

By Ian Webster / 19 May 2020 /

A brief video with two simple ideas to help revolutionise recruitment and hiring in your organisation

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Employee contracts and Covid-19: Three ideas

By Ian Webster / 1 April 2020 /

Not having employee contracts complicates Covid-19 decisions. Three things to think about

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Ian speaking at the Chamber of Business

Improving your hiring skills: A toolbox talk

By Ian Webster / 9 March 2020 /

A 30-minute toolbox talk on hiring

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Mistakes well handled

By Ian Webster / 23 November 2018 /

People talk about our mistakes, and especially about how we made them feel. Hire people who will make your customers feel great, even after mistakes are made

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Hiring Right: A Simply Communicate workshop

By Ian Webster / 27 April 2018 /

Who you hire determines whether you fulfil tasks or drive a vision. Training Leadership Consulting MD, Tanya Hulsa, said recently that ‘the cost to a company of not getting the right employee is high’, and it can amount to 150% of the annual cost of a salaried employee’ (Witness, 20 April 2018). And according to…

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Job Hunting 1: The First Rule

By Ian Webster / 12 June 2017 /

What is important to you when you are job hunting? There are many articles that advise us, quite rightly, to look beyond the money and the position, and consider things like job satisfaction and emotional fit in the organisation. Is this where I want to work? Do I want to spend my days with these…

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The Future of Your Business, One Hire at a Time

By Ian Webster / 30 January 2017 /

Are you hiring? What are some of the questions you ask yourself before hiring starts? If you are like most of us, they will include: What’s the job? Who was in the job before? What skills and experience do we need? Where’s the previous ad? Let me suggest some others that should be asked and…

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Sexual Harassment and Other Misconduct: Employer Risk

By Ian Webster / 5 September 2016 /

Employers beware! The appointment and promotion of managers and supervisors is much more risky than you thought. Since no one is a perfect fit, we are used to assessing whether a candidate’s shortcomings can be dealt with through training and coaching. A lack of technical and people-management skills is the risk we know about. But…

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