Addressing racism: It starts with listening

By Ian Webster / 6 August 2020 /

If we want to engage over racism or gender-based violence, listening comes first. We might find our organisation isn’t what we think it is

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Racism: The definitive rules

By Ian Webster / 29 May 2018 /

The Constitutional Court recently made it clear that racism is defined by the recipient, not the perpetrator (Sibanye Rustenburg Platinum Mines (Pty) v Saewa obo Bester). It’s not what we think we mean that matters; it’s what our words and actions mean to the other person given our hurtful and hate-filled past — a past…

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Racist Rants: Six Rules for the Workplace

By Ian Webster / 13 June 2017 /

A Pietermaritzburg Girls’ High School learner ranted on WhatsApp recently, using the K-word against her fellow learners. What was she thinking? Did she learn nothing from Penny Sparrow? However, this article is not about the young woman’s foolishness, parental responsibility or how the school is handling it. We are discussing racism in the workplace, and…

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Removing Racism: A conscious effort

By Ian Webster / 7 January 2016 /

In her poor excuse for an apology, Penny Sparrow said her racist comment wasn’t meant to be taken personally. She missed the point entirely. It is precisely because her comment about people being ‘monkeys’ was not directed at a particular person acting in a particular way but at a whole section of the community, that…

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