Talks and Workshops

Getting beyond service to customer satisfaction: A workshop

By Ian Webster / 28 April 2021 /

Beyond Service to Customer satisfaction. Service is what we do. Satisfaction is what the customer experiences. Learning to make the difference

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A Critical Thinking and Problem Solving workshop

By Ian Webster / 6 April 2021 /

A Critical Thinking and Problem Solving workshop for you and your team at the Pietermaritzburg & Midlands Chamber of Business, with Ian Webster

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Leading & managing beyond the lockdown: A workshop

By Ian Webster / 9 March 2021 /

A workshop in Pietermaritzburg for new managers and supervisors. Join us to brush up your people-management skills.

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Three steps for managing stress in chaos and uncertainty

By Ian Webster / 21 July 2020 /

Three things managers can do to relieve stress and empower employees in times of chaos and uncertainty. A video for you and your management team.

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Three skills to negotiate change in a Covid-19 world

By Ian Webster / 29 June 2020 /

Successful change requires changing human behaviour not just systems. Explore three skills that encourage changes in behaviour and will make your changes stick

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Aristotle's quote on anger management

Three steps towards Emotional Competence — a free video

By Ian Webster / 2 June 2020 /

Three simple steps to begin your Emotional Intelligence journey — a FREE video for your team

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Bad hiring decisions? Who, me? A free video

By Ian Webster / 19 May 2020 /

A brief video with two simple ideas to help revolutionise recruitment and hiring in your organisation

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Ian speaking at the Chamber of Business

Improving your hiring skills: A toolbox talk

By Ian Webster / 9 March 2020 /

A 30-minute toolbox talk on hiring

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An HR Workshop for the Chamber of Business

By Ian Webster / 28 February 2020 /

It is always a privilege to lead a workshop for the Pietermaritzburg and Midlands Chamber of Business. This week it was a half-day workshop on Human Resource Management (HRM). The subject of HRM is broad, complex and, some would say, messy. In many smaller companies it is the Admin or Finance Manager, the Marketing or…

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Ian with the UniCopy team

Are you open for questions and discussion? Really?

By Ian Webster / 13 September 2019 /

Are we questioning others and not ourselves. It won’t happen by accident. How do you encourage questions and discussion?

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