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Out and about with Simply Communicate

By Ian Webster / 29 May 2018 /
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Cheerleaders:  A business imperative

By Ian Webster / 28 May 2018 /

What matters in your business? We know what we DON’T want; we know what employees are NOT supposed to do. But, how much time do we spend discussing, reaffirming and encouraging the behaviours we DO want to see. In her grade one class, my wife spends less time criticising errors and transgressions, and more time…

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Hiring Right: A Simply Communicate workshop

By Ian Webster / 27 April 2018 /

Who you hire determines whether you fulfil tasks or drive a vision. Training Leadership Consulting MD, Tanya Hulsa, said recently that ‘the cost to a company of not getting the right employee is high’, and it can amount to 150% of the annual cost of a salaried employee’ (Witness, 20 April 2018). And according to…

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HR & People Management Workshops: Pietermaritzburg

By Ian Webster / 25 January 2018 /
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TLC Management Team

Bite-Sized Management: Getting the Essentials

By Ian Webster / 27 November 2017 /

It has been a real pleasure and lots of fun holding what I call Bite-Sized Management conversations around town. Bite-Sized Management presents the essence of an otherwise complex subject in half an hour. We focus on the key elements of a subject to provide a refresher for those familiar with the subject or an introduction…

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Training with Simply Communicate in 2017

By Ian Webster / 26 January 2017 /

Congratulations. You made it through to another year, and you found your way back to Simply Communicate. Let me tell that I, too, am glad to have made it back to Simply Communicate. Writing took a back seat towards the end of 2016. I plan to rectify that and produce some helpful thoughts and comments as we…

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VW and Discovery: Living Our Values

By Ian Webster / 6 November 2015 /

I was invited to speak at the Pietermaritzburg Chamber of Business Breakfast Forum this week – always a pleasure. My inspiration came from David Grossman’s article last month on his Leader Communicator Blog: ‘HIT or MISS’IVE: Discovery Health CEO, Adrian Gore, Nails Post-VW Analysis for Employees’. Go and check it out. Better still, subscribe and receive his…

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Negotiation Skills: A Simply Communicate Workshop

By Ian Webster / 28 October 2015 /
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Hiring Skills Workshop, 16 September 2015

By Ian Webster / 9 September 2015 /


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Bite-Sized Management Training

By Ian Webster / 4 July 2015 /

Bite-Sized Management Is your management team on diet? Too busy for training but in need of an update on people -management issues? Contact Ian Webster at Simply Communicate for bite-sized input into your management meetings. Whether half an hour or an hour, once off, once a week or once a month, it’s up to you.…

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