Reconnecting the disconnected: Three choices

By Ian Webster / 26 November 2020 /

This is a unique time of interconnectedness, yet, we are living in a time of profound disconnect. Make connection intentional through these three choices

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New skills for a new age: Skills your team needs in 2020

By Ian Webster / 12 December 2019 /

What skills will your team need in 2020 and beyond? Simply Communicate specialises in developing people skills that, according to research, will be critical

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Workplace Teams: Sitting on Tractors to Nurture Trust

By Ian Webster / 19 October 2015 /

More and more research confirms that it is not the technical skills of groups or even commitment to a shared purpose that make for an extraordinary team producing extraordinary results – it is the interpersonal relationships of the members that will either destroy the group or enable it to perform. Whether it is an ad…

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