Customer service and bedside manners: Who cares?

Discovery Headquarters from Health recently published a list of its top 20 highest-rated private hospitals – based on patient response. Apparently the reaction was scathing. People where horrified that hospitals were being judged by the bedside manners of its doctors.

Surprise, surprise! But bedside manner or customer service (whatever we call it) is exactly how customers (including, no doubt, the horrified ones above) judge everything, and rightly so. When customers are treated badly, they walk away. Superior products and greater expertise are not enough, not even for hospitals.

That doesn’t mean we settle for inferior products (or doctors). It means that having the right level of expertise and good quality products are not enough. We have to produce the service to go with them. Otherwise people will go elsewhere. They will go to where the product or expertise is good enough for their purposes and where their experience makes them want to go back.

Customer service, finding out and acting on what customers want, HAS to be our number one priority whenever we are thinking business, whatever our business.

What has your experience of superior (or inferior) customer service been? Add your comment below.

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