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Employment Equity worries
Employment Equity reports are due, which usually creates worries for finance and HR executives at this time of year. Failure to submit can have disastrous effects on your B-BBEE score and your ability to tender for Government contracts. Failure to consult with employees in the process, false reporting or the lack of an Employment Equity Plan can also lead to heavy fines.

You have no doubt heard that changes to the Employment Equity Act give the Minister power to implement quotas for each sector.

However, current Employment Equity Plans are based on the demographics of the economically active population. Those figures will be replaced by the required quotas, which will make current plans redundant.

It is likely that your current plan, no matter when it was produced, will be valid until September 2022 when any quotas proclaimed are expected to come into force. New plans based on those figures will have to be written.

In the meantime, Employment Equity Reports are due, and the Department’s Employment Equity website is open for submission. Are you ready? Is your Employment Equity Committee trained and ready?

You have until 1 October 2021 to submit your Report manually and until 15 January 2022 for online submissions.

Need help?
Ask Simply Communicate to train your committee and assist with drafting your Employment Equity Report. Email Ian on ian@simplycommunicate.co.za TODAY.


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