Hospitals: Patient or Customer?

I have observed the customer care side of a local hospital rather more closely than I would like this past month, while my wife was recovering from surgery.

I have nothing but praise for the love and care received; it seemed that everyone was trying to outdo each other in providing better service and a brighter smile. But hospitals are difficult places for customer care. They deal with life and death emergencies, and strict controls are essential. Patients must fit into the hospital’s regimen, not the other way around. So, it’s difficult to remember that one is dealing with a customer. But if caring for the patient is critical for the patient’s survival, caring for the customer, beyond their needs as a patient, is critical for the survival of the hospital. Without the patient, the hospital would die, and the staff would be without jobs.

The rest of us have no excuse. Our customers are not disguised as patients.

What will you do today to to provide better than normal service?

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