Simply Communicate? What can they do?

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How do you introduce yourself and your business?

A poetry effort last year won me a free lunch at the Pietermaritzburg Chamber of Business. I decided to expand on the effort when introducing myself at the Chamber’s recent Bizz-Link Network. I won another lunch. (Don’t worry, I shan’t be putting my training material into poetry form just yet!)

More important, will the participants remember who to call when their employees are naughty?

Simply Communicate? Who needs their brain?
People management’s easy; I don’t need to train.
Hiring and firing and customer care,
Managing discipline – nothing difficult there.

Hiring employees is everyone’s game;
Whatever your business it’s all much the same.
The CVs arrive; throw them up in the air;
Those that land on the top we’ll see them; that’s fair?
This one looks good; I don’t like her frown;
And isn’t this fellow the wrong shade of brown?

Managing discipline? Who cares about that?
Just fire the buggers; we’ll show them what’s what.
And customer care? What on earth do you mean?
You can’t have the customer ruining your dream.
The customer’s not king; this is my store.
If they want to complain, they can go shop next door.

It’s a bit of a mess, I think you’ll agree.
So, Simply Communicate; that’s who to see –
Training for bosses who manage their staff,
And coaching them later before they go daft.
And when an employee has been rather naughty,
We’ll go through the steps so they don’t drive you dotty.

Presentation skills, report writing too,
Whatever you need, that is all that we do.
Driven to distraction and want to despair?
Simply communicate will always be there.
Sit down, pour the tea and let’s have a chat.
Whatever you need, we’ll talk about that.

What about you? What innovative ways have you used to introduce yourself and your business. Share in the comments below.

Ian Webster

From Methodist minister to Customer Relations manager in a computer bureau to HR Manager in a newspaper printing and publishing company. Now focussing on training and developing people, people-management consulting and writing and editing.

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