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Demonstrating social distancing

Thoughts about Covid-19 lockdown & three things to do

26 March 2020

‘See you in three weeks’ has never seemed so serious. What’s different with the Covid-19 lockdown? Anticipation and expectation. Three things to do

Ian speaking at the Chamber of Business

Improving your hiring skills: A toolbox talk

9 March 2020

A 30-minute toolbox talk on hiring


An HR Workshop for the Chamber of Business

28 February 2020

It is always a privilege to lead a workshop for the Pietermaritzburg and Midlands Chamber of Business. This week it was a half-day workshop on Human Resource Management (HRM). The subject of HRM is broad, complex and, some would say, messy. In many smaller companies it is the Admin or Finance Manager, the Marketing or…

Simply Communicate workshops

2020: Ready, steady, GO

13 January 2020

What do you want from your employees in 2020? My guess is engagement: acting with skill, commitment and confidence. It won’t just happen. Employees respond to your lead. Offer employees training to encourage their engagement with the business and with your customers. Will training help? Training provides employees with skills, but training also improves their…


Parental Leave: A New Year gift from DoL

3 January 2020

The parental-leave provisions of the amended Basic Conditions of Employment Act have been implemented. Effective 1 January 2020


Do you Christmas? Religious festivals and the workplace

24 December 2019

Our many religious festivals are signs of our differences. When we celebrate our differences, we learn to engage with new ideas and our customers notice


Christmas pain and power — A poem

18 December 2019

The real Christmas gift, the heart of the story ….


New skills for a new age: Skills your team needs in 2020

12 December 2019

What skills will your team need in 2020 and beyond? Simply Communicate specialises in developing people skills that, according to research, will be critical


Four elements of engagement: James Cook and parental discipline

6 December 2019

Might is not right. Relationships matter. Long-term success emerges from engagement, not confrontation.
Here are four key elements of engagement


Listening, a radical new skill for the world’s new problems

11 October 2019

It is said that people at the turn of the last century thought they needed faster horses but that Henry Ford recognised the underlying problem: people needed faster, safer and cheaper transport. Recent research suggests that, by 2020, 42 percent of core skills will have changed. It points to huge disruption in the way work…