Too many priorities, nothing gets done

Strategic Planning at the PCB

Strategic Planning at the PCB

During a recent strategic planning workshop on behalf of the Pietermaritzburg Chamber of Business, I asked delegates what they would attempt to fix first if they were President of South Africa.

We so often have far too many priorities, and we achieve little. And South Africa’s President has more than most. But if we are to be effective, we must focus on what will make all the difference.

In Mastering the Rockefeller Habits, Verne Harnish said, ‘A company with too many priorities has no priorities.’ We have to bet on the one thing that (if everything else continued at its current level) would have the greatest impact in the area of greatest importance.

For the President, most of us thought about education, health and crime. But someone said, ‘Municipalities.’ If we can fix municipalities, then service delivery, employment and the economy will all be affected, and change will seep through.

What one thing will have the greatest impact in the area of greatest importance in your organisation?

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